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  2. Minecraft IGN: Racewizard Discord Account: Racewizard#3871 Timezone & Availability: US Central any time 10am-7pm usually on weekdays and pretty much anywhere on weekends. What type of Build styles are you more experienced in working with: Medieval and Industrial stuff. I prefer a more classic stone&wood pallet than more obscure choices, e.g., lots of terracotta/wool for a castle wall that doesn't require it. What type of Builds do you wish to create for Zyria RP: I'm big on weird shapes. I'm typically a builder of polar extremes either being very round or jagged. I'd say two things I've been able to stand out in are my boats and roofs, again because of the weird shapes. I can make some pretty decent trees and a fair bit of terraforming too but mostly do just stylistic buildings. Have you built or currently build for a community: If my good hombre and comrade El3aab is having to put up with my application he may have not suppressed the memory of my time at Birthright Roleplay. Before and after that rather pleasant experience for me, I've been on and off doing shindigs at other servers who're pretty desperate for builders. This'd be the first macho project I've gotten my claws on since then. As for right now I only build for you bby <3. If you have any builds you have created for Zyria or have any previous work, such as a portfolio, you're willing to show, link them here: Everything with shaders is from 2017-2018 and the boat w/o shaders is more recent. I only put stuff down that was relevant to what I'd be doing here but I'm capable of greater things than what's shown. I haven't had the chance to do anything big for a long time. (edit: was excited about this project and wanted to make a house more fitting the style here, it's the vertical screenshot.)
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  5. Port Leaone good.

  6. I feel like Port Leaone will be a good part of the map. If anyone is considering joining you should at least check out the discord!
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  8. Chef beta testing will be sometime this week! Join Discord for more info.

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  10. Discord Account: Sword of Gideon#9325 Timezone & Availability: GMT + 3, available a few hours a day. What type of Lore are you more experienced in writing with: I prefer to write lore with distinct historical influences, drawn from my extensive knowledge of different historical civilizations. What type of Lore do you wish to write about for Zyria RP: I would like to write lore in regards to the origins of civilizations, their linguistics, distinct religions, popular myths, cultures, customs, politics and military history(which includes tactics, notable leaders, equipment and reforms). Have you written or currently write for a community: Yes, I have been a staff member for a historical role-play server known as Crusadecraft, under LukyLucaz to whom I assisted with historical research and writing informational threads. Provide Lore pieces that you submitted to Zyria or have any previous work you're willing to show, link them here: https://bit.ly/2uds4FQ
  11. Looking for more people to join Port Leaone! Msg me for details

  12. Confirming that I will be apart of this.
  13. I confirm I will be part of this.
  14. Bumping for edit - Added timeline dates, and family tree.
  15. Can confirm am a part of this.
  16. What is Port Leaone? Founded in AW602 by Darrel La-Fey Port Leaone is a coastal trade capital that was wiped out by the Emperor in AW992. Before that it was a large city with beautiful brick and wood houses, plenty of surplus food and it controlled a good portion of the seas. Port Leaone was known to be a valuable hub for traders, and even ones with shady intentions. Often times sailors would go down to the Kinky Mermaid, a tavern-brothel owned by Aliza Taretaum and drink or sleep their pain away from hard works at the docks. The main exports of the city included salt for preserving of food, fish for eating, Pearls for luxurious jewelry, whale oil for lamps and other various objects, clay for creation of pottery and bricks, and finally wine fermented for years. Rumors claim that Port Leaone has the finest wine across the continent. Family Tree: - King Louis La-Fey 66 - Queen Ann La-Fey 61 - Princess Erika La-Fey 23 - Princess Ariel La-Fey 21 - Prince Alderen La-Fey 17 - Prince Cameron La-Fey 20 - Countess Aliza Tarentaum 19 - Countess Ariana Tarentaum 19 Timeline: -AW 602 Port Leaone [LAY-OWN] was built under the reign of Darrel La-Fey who was seen as a king. It started as a town holding only a couple thousand people but rapidly increased due to large amounts of jobs within the town. It proceeded to export many goods that ranged from common peasantry objects, to expensive jewelry from the seas. Darrel La-Fey passed down a series of laws that were carried on for centuries. -AW 603 Darrel La-Fey renounced all ties to Redonican and instead pledged loyalty to Estia and the Emperor. -AW 749 Port Leaone lends many of their finely crafted boats to assist the imperial navy in suppressing the crisis on Olos. This left Port Leaone defenseless from the sea. -AW 750 An influx of unknown travellers arrive from sea. This induced profit gains all across Port Leaone. Many of these travellers decided to stay which began the black market under the town square. Crime-rate slowly began to rose with new pickpockets, thieves, and assassins covering the streets. -AW 751 The black market eventually starts the Council of Dust which were the powerhouse of the market at the time. -AW 963 Cameron, son of King Louis, and Queen Ann was born into the La-Fey family. Later was found out that he had little care for the idea of becoming the king. -AW 969 Erika the eldest daughter of the La-Fey family was born from King Louis, and Queen Ann. -AW 972 Ariel was born under King Louis, and Queen Ann into the La-Fey family. -AW 974 Ariana and Aliza are born twins as bastard to an Escort by the name of Asiana Tarentaum and King Louis La-Fey. Their bastard name became Taretaum, being mothered by the Asiana Tarentaum. Louis was never seen again with this woman, or the children. -AW 981 Aliza is introduced to the Council of Dust with help from Asiana. Aliza eventually became well known throughout the underground exchange. -AW 990 Ariana decides to open up her own winery at the age of 16, she proceeded to move up the ranks economically rapidly due to her intelligence and hard working. It was named “Taretaum’s Winery” which became popular throughout Port Leaone. Whereas the other twin was soon in line for owning a brothel of her own on the seafront called “The Kinky Mermaid” -AW 992 was the year in which Port Leaone was destroyed to nothing. Legionaries of the Emperor ransacked the town and pillaged it to the ground. There weren’t many survivors in the noble family, Erika, Alderen, Cameron and Ariel were the last known members born from Queen Ann, and King Louis. They were lucky enough to flee towards the capitol, disguised as peasants. -AW 993 the leftovers of the family seek shelter in Estia. This betrayal will not go unnoticed. What do the nobility in Port Leaone typically wear? For those whom wish to be apart of Port Leaone's development feel free to @Nardi on discord. I plan to add more to the thread at a later date. All points above will be subject to change before the server launches.
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