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Welcome to Zyria RP, while you navigate and post on the forums, we ask that you follow these rules for both your own safety as well as the communities.


  • We have no tolerance towards racist or abusive material being posted about anyone or anything in the player base. We want this to be a safe environment for all who play and bringing real world hate on to the server will result in a warning with consecutive punishments being handed out as we see necessary.


  • We do not under any circumstance tolerate the posting of pornographic or adult material on the forums, this will result in a forum ban of 24 hours with the length being increased after each time this rule has been broken.


  • We ask that you do not copy and plagiarize the work of others; this includes written work from any author that is not yourself, copyrighted material, and artwork. If you wish to use anything from a quote, picture, or paragraph we ask that you make sure to credit the author or artist before doing so. If we find that you have broken this rule, expect to be temporarily banned from the forums.


  • We ask that you do not link or post material that could potentially cause harm to others in the player base or their computers; this includes links to screamers or pornographic websites.


  • We ask that the player base keep swearing at a moderate level on the forums. While allowing moderate swearing, we ask that you do not negatively direct it towards anyone at any given time. It is rude and offensive towards all that are affected. When choosing to use explicit words remember that not all players are of a mature age and could be negatively affected. If you wish to swear do so in role play threads, but make sure the content is within context of the role play you are conducting.


  • We ask that you do not intentionally double post. There is an edit button for a reason, please make use of this. If you feel like adding an extra post in reply to the original post, then we ask that you do so within reason. Posting in order to bump your thread will be allowed with the maximum bump being set to one post per 24 hours. Creating threads to post multiple times does nothing but spam and harm the forums. Examples of this includes creating posts with the intention of being able to reply multiple times with little to no content in order to boost your post or like count. We will lock your thread and hand out warns for doing this.


  • We ask that you do not post on threads just to blatantly correct and demean another player. This is rude and unneeded. If you feel that they are misrepresenting something or handing out false information, please contact and inform them of this mistake, or message a member of staff to handle it.


  • We have a no tolerance policy for trolling, flaming, or inappropriate behavior that is being conducted for the sole purpose to cause trouble. Creating unnecessary conflict will result in a punishment being handed out to all that contribute to the issue.


  • We ask that all players write in English when posting on the forums. We realize that not everyone shares English as their first or native language, however, we are a kind and understanding community that will assist any that might be slow or new to role playing in English. Communicating privately using your native or shared language is permitted and welcomed. The role play forums may use another language, if so, then please feel free to use the given language within the appropriate sections. Please refrain from using leet speak (t41k1ng l1k3 th15) or writing in capital letters because both are seen as an inappropriate way to deliver your thoughts.


  • We ask all that are not staff to not backseat moderate. This means attempting to solve an issue by acting like a moderator when you are not in a position to do so. Breaking this rule will result in a warning.


  • We ask that when criticizing anyone whether it be the staff, the server, or another player that you express your opinions and concerns in a mature manner. Criticism can be a helpful and constructive way to improve both the server and lives of all those that play here. Please be kind to your fellow players and deliver any and all opinions in a civil matter. Attempting to harass or belittle anyone based on their opinions or viewpoints will result in a warning or temporary ban.


  • We ask that you do not advertise other servers or forums without proof of permission from a Global Moderator or Administrator. This helps keep the community clean and respectable. Posting privately or publicly on the forums describing other servers and forums with the intention to drive players away will result in a permanent ban.


  • We ask that when posting within specific sections of the forums that you adhere to any and all rules given to each section. Examples of this include replying in character when posting on role play threads, with another example being that you stay on topic when replying to a discussion thread.


  • We ask that you attempt to post within the right sections of the forums when possible. This may also mean using the given format if asked to do so within particular sections of the forums. For example if you mean to apply to a staff position you must post your application using the given format as well as posting your application in the right sub thread. If you are unsure of where to post or if there is a format for posting, do not be afraid to contact a member of staff for help.


  • We ask that you keep your signatures to a reasonable size. This is asked in order to keep each post from being cluttered by an array of big gifs or blocks of text within your signature. If you wish to display large amounts of information, please use links or spoilers to shorten your signature. If you fail to do this, you shall be warned and continuing to break this rule will result in the deletion of your signature.


  • We ask that you attempt to familiarize yourself with these rules, ignorance is no excuse. If you break the rules, you have still broken them whether you knew about them or not. We ask everyone when they apply if they have read them and by agreeing to this you have accepted that breaking the rules will result in punishments according to the rule broken. If you feel like you do not understand a rule or if something is against the rules, please feel free to contact a member of staff to help clarify your concerns.