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    Big thanks to Kenshow for the amazing Render! Hello Everyone! Today we have an exciting announcement in regards to community involvement with the development of Zyria Roleplay and how YOU can help. When joining a server with a skin quality/theme requirement many newer players will often spend an unreasonable amount of time either trying to find a skin, or hastefully putting one together. In these situations the majority of these players will soon come to dislike their skin as it isn't how they’d like their character to look. At Zyria Roleplay we aim to aid our community and future players in preventing this. To do so we will need your assistance in adding assets to our Categories for the Zyria Skin Maker! All you have to do to help is make small pieces of skins such as hats, shoes, tunics, dresses, gloves, helmets, chest plates, scarfs, skin tones, hair styles, and anything else you would like to offer players to be able to use in making their characters. As of now the Categories are: Skin Tones Hair (Appreciated if you make a Brown, Black, and Blonde version of submitted hair. Feel free to add more) Short Medium Long Face Eyes Small (2x1) Big (2x2) Facial Hair Beard Mustache Scars Misc Clothing Head Torso Arms Waist Legs Shoes Armor Helmet Chest Piece Pauldrons Gauntlets Leg Guards Boot Accessories Head Torso Arms Legs With the help of our community I know we can create a wonderful tool for all players to use at their convenience, and contribute to years down the road. To potentially have your creations into the Zyria Skin Maker, all you have to do is follow these simple steps First, find the “Download” Page at the top right of the screen. From there you can either select “Submit a file” and choose your category you want to upload to. Or select “Roleplay Skins” to see the full list as well as other submissions before submitting your own. After choosing a file you may give your submission a name, and description as well as a custom screenshot if you wish. Once you are done naming and describing your submission it will be available for all members of Zyria to use, or look at until we are finished with developing the software that selected submissions will be available on. We look forward to seeing the creativity within our community, and thank you for your support.
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    Name of your building, settlement or City: Siren’s Cove Which land(s) do you wish to claim: B11/B12 What is the purpose of your Charter: Going to msg whoever handles this app ❤️ Are you dependent: Nope! Are you rebuilding land, relocating, or upgrading: Currently just getting settled. Charter Tier: Settlement Do you require approval from an external figure? Nope! IGN: Zoslore If you require signatures, have your supporters reply to the thread ONLY when the application has been taken for review by a Gamemaster.
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    Hello everyone! I am very excited to share with you some illustrations/art I have completed in the past month or two. I started a couple of months ago and plan on continuing my work so I can share all of my creations with the community. The images that I have created so far have had no intended purpose except for to be pleasing to the eye... My wish is to create some fantastic scenes in order to help promote Zyria in every way possible. These scenes will be made to serve as teaser art, containing potential roleplaying scenarios that could occur within the world of Zyria. With that being said, here are examples of my previous work:
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    This is just a little something to start rolling out some activity on the forums. Plain and simple, what are you looking forward to on Zyria Roleplay? What kinds of groups are you looking forward to seeing, or creating? Are you hoping to become young peasant boy/girl that starts their life from almost nothing, in their attempt to obtain riches and fame? Are you hoping to become a villain that harasses the hard-working class? Are you hoping to become a noble that can gain renown and reputation throughout the vast lands of Zyria? Let's hear it!
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    I'll be joining this settlement.
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    Application is being reviewed. Your supporters are now able to post underneath to support your Charter. You require a minimum of 7 signatures.
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    The Griffin Knigths Under the command of the blacksmith and stonemason Dalek Bermundo, the Griffin Knights rise their swords bravely in order to protect the people of Namoria with valor and might from the beasts and evil doers that roam our lands and threaten the innocent. What we do The Griffin Knights is an order of brave men and women united under the honorful title of Knights and Noble Protectors for Namorian people's safety and well-being. This guild mostly deals with inhumane creatures such as Griffins and other dangerous monsters that pose a threat upon civilization, or completing quests that grant coin or goods in return. The group's members are carefully choosen and invited for only the boldest, purest and most humble can form part of it. Residing by the Bermundo Fort in Namorian lands, the guild travels around forests, villages, settlements and cities to offer help, protection and care for those who need it. By all means, we seek but the most honest of men, capable of team working and brotherhood union. Command structure The Griffin Knights have no existing "Command Structure" and are only leaded by capable, natural leaders who have prooven to be worthy of directing and organizing the order with bravery and honour. One shall earn their reputation in the order gaining the trust of its members and fulfilling significtive tasks within the quests. The payment will be the same for every Knight. Upon each quest, coins will be received and split between everyone who helped. Knightly Oath A knight is sworn to Valor. His heart only knows Virtue. His blade Defends the helpless. His Might upholds the weak. His Words speak the Truth. His Wrath undoes the wicked. His Knowledge will defeat ignorance. His Skills will be taught to the willing. His Temper shall be held by patience. He will slay those who threaten our people. He will protect us from the evil. How to join In order for a man to join the order of the Griffin Knights, they must show both courage and humility in their doings. If someone seeks to join, the Griffin Knights will carry out an assembly and discuss about it. If the Griffin Knights thinks someone is worthy to join the order, they will invite them gladly. The initiation rite is very simple, a Knighting Ceremony will take place in the chapel of the Bermundo Fort to entitle the invited individual as a brand new member of the Griffin Knights order. A party will be held in the new member's name.
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    Applewick here! Ready to fight anyone for our settlement!
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    Pippo Simplici, culinary extraordinaire, will be joining this settlement.
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    Morrow will be joining this settlement!
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    I'm hoping that I can see this server flourish and really pick up. Would finally love to see our systems and plugins get put into effect.
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    Discord Account: a a ron #0779 Timezone & Availability: I'm from California so PST. I'm almost always available. What type of Lore are you more experienced in writing with: I'm most experienced with creature lore but I can whip up nice culture and religion lore. Any kind of lore I have experience with but my expertise lies with creatures/spirits and such. What type of Lore do you wish to write about for Zyria RP: I would like to write everything above. Have you written or currently write for a community: Yes, I am Lore Team on Lanthyr RP. Provide Lore pieces that you submitted to Zyria or have any previous work you're willing to show, link them here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oCDXxbNpR-61_SHIEcL5yjQnXaP6b-uyw97FTPJaqmg/edit?usp=sharing For those of you who know Aguila, I am a close friend of his and gave him the format above if the formatting looks familiar :P.
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    Three German kids are talking about their grandfathers. The first says that his granddad was a pilot - his uniform had an eagle. The second says his granddad was a submariner - his uniform had an anchor. The third kid proudly announces that his grandfather was an electrician - he had two lightnings on the helmet
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    1. RPing a new character for once. 2. Being immersed in the gameplay 3. seeing nice builds everywhere with people scurrying around town 4. Roleplaying after not doing so for ages. I really miss RP. 5. having to roleplay in order to get my supplies 6. learning the mechanics of the game 7. developing my new character 8. events 9. more that i cant think of
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    Name of your building, settlement or City: Bermundo Fort Which land(s) do you wish to claim: R12What is the purpose of your Charter: The Griffin Knight's HeadquartersAre you dependent: NoAre you rebuilding land, relocating, or upgrading: NoCharter Tier: Settlement TierDo you require approval from an external figure?: NoIGN: AguilaDaddy
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    IGN: ZosloreCharacter Name: Amellia RegenciaType of Property: A home for two people ❤️
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    Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 1.1 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added Combo Ability. Combo Ability allows you to continuously hit your opponent without any damage immunity. * Added Combo Ability to Training Sword. * Added Ability Trigger sound. * Added message to notify that you need both hands available to fire a ranged weapon. * Added Shield Bash with chance 25% to Bow. * Added Shield Bash with chance 25% to LongBow. * Removed Bleeding Ability. * Fixed death not properly triggered due to instant respawn. * Changed Cooldown on Bo-Staff from instant to 0.6 seconds and the knockback scales accordingly. * Increased Iron Greatsword Damage from 9 to 12. * Increased Iron Halberd Damage from 7 to 10. * Increased Iron Mace Armor Bash from 5 to 8. * Increased Iron Mace Damage from 4 to 6. * Increased WarAxe damage from 10 to 14. * Increased Iron Flail Armor Based from 4 to 10. * Increased Longbow damage from 1-9 to 1-10 * Increased Bow damage from 1-7 to 1-8 * Increased Slingshot Exhaust % from 30% to 60% * Decreased Dagger Backstab from 500% extra damage to 400% extra damage.
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    IGN: AstrumaraCharacter Name: SairahType of Property: Shop/House
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    Hey guys, back in Birthright we used to have this thing called Community Discussions where @TheAwesomeGem and I would ask the community what they would like to see in a system we'd begin to develop. We normally took a lot of ideas and then developed a system based on what players wanted to see. This time we're bringing it back to Zyria starting with the Economy System. This is your time to post your suggestions and what you would like to see as well as what you wouldn't like to see. We're looking for inputs on how to handle currency, banks, auction houses, shops, markets, loans, methods to obtain money, money sinks, etc. If you studied or currently study economics than that's a big help too. Looking forward to what you guys share!
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    Community Meeting Recap If you were unable to make it to yesterdays community meeting this update will get you up to speed on upcoming things to participate in, and look out for. The meeting started out with the discussion of the Skin Maker project which can be found here on our forums: https://www.zyriarp.com/topic/43-zyria-skin-maker/ . To get more people involved with the skin maker we will eventually release information about the benefits/perks you can gain from submitting X amount of assets, and having assets accepted to go into the eventual launcher once it is developed. Keep in mind assets that contain any nsfw content will be removed, as well as any assets that are not yours to post. Posting of such will result in warnings on the forums and removal of your ability to participate in the project if severe enough. Our next topic was about our forums. After a brief discussion it became clear that the majority of people attending the community meeting had either not registered, or even knew about our forums. This was a little surprising to hear during the meeting, though makes sense due to how little we promote the forums until only a week or so ago. To combat this we have already started making more devlog updates, plan’s to host future contests on the forums, and a few more to be touched up on later in the week. Apply today! https://www.zyriarp.com/ Moving on from this was an excellent segue into discussion of our next community contest. We discussed mostly 3 ideas until we managed to merge all 3 ideas into 1 contest that would allow anyone to participate. This contest will start later in the week after I post the official announcement for it that will go more in depth about the limitations, rules, and general information. For now though feel free to form any ideas, and groups to prepare for the announcement of the Dungeon Contest. Afterwards were the discussions on activity, and a community server for players to hang out on that didn’t pertain to any Zyria lore. The server would be vanilla survival with plugins yet to be decided on, and a creative world. This is a big decision and there would need to be considerable support behind it before I were to set it up since I will be paying out of pocket for it. Launching the community “hangout” server would allow us to begin looking for members for the event team as well, so think about if you're interested in it or not. This should get you caught up in the discussion, and what to look out for heading into the future, though make sure to keep your eye out for future updates, and community meetings. Thank you for reading -Cxnflikt Tl;dr: Read it
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    Hey guys! So we just released quite a bit more lore regarding the world of Zyria which you can find here. First up we have released the Namoria Culture lore which should be what many characters use a backbone to their backstory alongside the Historical Timeline: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/zyria-zyria-roleplay/a/the-namorians-article Now onto Bestiary lore, we have released information regarding Wraiths and Gryphons: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/zyria-zyria-roleplay/a/gryphons-article https://www.worldanvil.com/w/zyria-zyria-roleplay/a/wraiths-article Wondering how respawning and death is explained in Zyria? Check out the Healing Water lore: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/zyria-zyria-roleplay/a/healing-water-article And onto the final piece of lore regarding a very prominent figure in the earlier ages of Namoria, The Elder Dragon, Girdam: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/zyria-zyria-roleplay/a/girdam-the-elder-dragon-article
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    Friday Start progress on Fisherman Profession - Gather community input on Fisherman Profession Saturday Community Meeting hosted by Fuze at 12pm PST, 2pm CST - Skin Maker Project - Community Server - Next Community Contest - Forum Activity - Charter Applications to open Monday - Character Journals to open Monday Map Development - Work with Map Maker to ensure that Map is shaping up to be what we expect Sunday Staff Meeting hosted by 3antar at 2pm PST, 4pm CST - Review current roles, what's to be expected, and moving forward Lore Team Reform - Lore Team to be named World Development Team - Consists of Lore Team & Event Team - Lore Team to have specific roles: - Lore Editor: Fixes grammatical error + phrasing - Lore Writer: Creates and writes new lore for the world - Lorekeeper: Someone who ensures that new Lore being written does not contradict current Lore - Lore Team to have specific process from the creation of Lore to the publishing of Lore - The official step-down of Treatycole as leadership transitions to 3antar Map Development - Work with Map Maker to ensure that Map is shaping up to be what we expect Monday Release New Lore: - Namorian Culture - Elder Dragon, Girdam - Gryphons - Wraiths - Finalized image of Map - Landmark names for Map - Healing Pools (Need Name) Open Character Journal Page on Forums - Allow for players to develop their character - Work with the community to incorporate characters into the History of Namoria Open Charter Applications - Allow group leaders to apply for land early on, securing their position - Have users sign up to utilize the forums, signing onto the charter applications to show support - Land will not be given until some short time after launch, we will have a wave roll out, allowing players to claim their land in waves Map Development - Finalize the Map with Map Maker and work on getting the Build server up and running - Start to Map out construction of ruins and the main town
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    Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 0.3.1 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Huge Bug Fix with Combat Abillity Calculation. Combat should be fixed now. * Added Huge Optimization by only generating custom items once. * Added New Data Loading/Saving System. * Added Ability to store ItemStack on the Data System. * Added Global Bank System. * Added Bank Vault System where you can store items. * Added Bank Vault Upgrade System to upgrade the storage capacity. * Added Investment System for Banks. * Added Interest System for Banks based on the investment. * Added Custom NPC System. * Added Ability to get all data including offline data. * Added Weapon Javelin which is a throwable ranged weapon. * Changed Weapon Spear to make it non-throwable but single-handed and can be used in an extended melee range. * Added 3 New Abilities(Leather Armor Bash, Chain Armor Bash and Iron Armor bash which reduces durability on specifc armor material) * Added Ability Armor Chain Bash and Armor Iron Bash to Iron Flail. * Added Ability Armor Chain Bash and Armor Leather Bash to Stone Hammer. * Added Ability Armor Chain Bash and Armor Leather Bash and Armor Iron Bash to Iron Mace. * Added NPC Hiring System. * Added NPC Hiring GUI. * Added NPC Salary System. * Added NPC Hiring Fee System. * Added Status on NPCs. * Added Global Bank GUI. * Added Loadout System is now Persistent. * Added Pouch GUI by right clicking Pouch. * Added Notification System(Whenever you get a notification message whilst you are offline, you are read the notification when you are back online). * Added Notification Message. * Added Offline Data System. Allowing us to load/save/edit offline data including Character Data, Region Data, etc. * Added Item Interactable System. (Some item allows interactivity when right clicking now) * Added NPC Trait LookClose which looks at the nearest player. * Added NPC Trait Speech which talks to the nearest player. * Added Check for when the character has spawned the first time. * Removed Weapon Pike. * Improved GUI Option Names/Descriptions. * Improved Health Scale is now calculated instantly instead of delay like previous. * Improved Item Lore/Description System. * Increased Iron Great Sword Attack Damage from 9 to 10. * Increased Long Bow Max Arrow Damage from 16 to 17. * Decreased Iron Flail Projectile Damage from 5 to 4. * Fixed a major bug where weapon lore/description were getting truncated. * Fixed the death glitch finally? * Fixed Coins now uses character first spawn check. * Fixed Trade Option not updating properly. * Fixed Pouch Coins not updating properly.
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    I know I’m late to the party but: 1. Lore. 2. Thinking about making a character not named Saradunan, or act like him in general. 3. Systems and updates 4. Rping
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    Loving the pvp testing so far! Really makes a change from the bog standard sword or bow
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    For balance as well as exploit prevention purpose, you cannot use offhand weapon whilst trying to use a projectile. Should probably play an audio cue or message the user so it doesn't look like a glitch.
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    We have added custom durability system as well as have added all the abilities for the weapon. Everything looks like its in a fast good progress going forward.
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    You are required to follow this format when applying to be a Lore Writer for Zyria RP. Failure to follow this format will result in your application being denied. A previous example of Lore written by yourself is required to apply for the Lore Team. Discord Account: Timezone & Availability: What type of Lore are you more experienced in writing with: What type of Lore do you wish to write about for Zyria RP: Have you written or currently write for a community: Provide Lore pieces that you submitted to Zyria or have any previous work you're willing to show, link them here:
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    Hello everyone, I just want to say welcome to Zyria and thank you for joining our community, we truly appreciate it. If you don't know what Zyria RP is, we are a newly upcoming Minecraft server for 1.14 that evolves as the players dive deeper into the world. Our server aims to provide a feature intensive and dynamic experience that will provide players the tools they need to immerse themselves fully within Zyria. Our vision is to change the way we experience Minecraft with a completely custom plugin that overhauls the game's most basic mechanics. We plan on releasing a ton of features such as: New items, armor and weapons Improved combat and competitive PVP mechanics Immersive lore and an expanding world Special events, dungeons and raids Custom crafting, professions and menus Custom economy, regions and mechanics Anyways guys, if you have any questions please let me know! Feel free to search around the website as this will be our main platform for a very long time! I love you all!
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    Where to begin! All the update posts and videos Launch day / The Map! The Economy system What the lores going to be like Meeting new players ooc'ly and Rp'ly And a hell of a lot more! (will update tomorrow )
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    So Custom Damage System is done. Also just got done implementing custom Health System and Health Regeneration. Will work on the Custom Weapons next!
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    We've been progressing with the Health, Damage, & Regen systems as well as implementing custom weapons and pvp mechanics. You'll hear more about it soon.
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    I'm looking forward to lots of things! Being part of something big from the very beginning is something I've never really done before, and I think it'll be easier to get into if I'm at the same level as everyone else! Plus, I get to build up a kingdom and relationships and characters all from scratch with everyone else and it's gonna be great! Actually roleplaying is something I haven't done too much, I've been on three servers where I've roleplay, and all of them were just a side activity really, not the main attraction. Usually I just behave like myself in these kinds of roleplays character-wise but still immerse myself by only having knowledge of the world, and I probably will just do that again, but I'll try to mix it up a little this time! Seeing a world get built and helping in it is something I brought up before, but experiencing it firsthand in-character is going to be a blast. I've kinda done it before, but I don't remember much from it and that part of the server wasn't roleplay, so this time I'll be sure to hang on to that period and really pay attention to what's going on. Meeting everyone else's characters is going to be the best part. I can't wait to see all the cool interactions and hopefully contribute to them. I haven't played Minecraft in quite a while. The main server I played on is preparing for a new world and a finale to say goodbye to this world (the next world will actually be mostly roleplay so hooray that'll be fun too), but I wanna play more now! And of course this'll take a while to get running but who knows it might come quicker than the other one 😛
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    An insane animal farmer bent on taking over Namoria with his mass herds of selectivity bred hogs
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    Dalek Bermundo Naming Name: Armandus Dalek Bermundo Title: Griffins Knights Commander Nickname: Dal, Red Eyed, Deadly One Profile Age: 23 Eyes: Bloodshot light blue eyes Hair: Dark brown Height: 6'1 Culture: Namorian Background: Dalek Bermundo was born to a poor farmer family by the outskirts of Estia, the year 970 AW. His father was a blacksmith, and Dalek had fell in love with the forge work since he was young. His mother, a house maid who was quite under paid. The family rarely generated income, but they had a roof to sleep under and food to eat. Dalek's father, though, would only be able to smith farming tools, spears or pitchforks for the family as the steel was expensive for them at the time and they could not afford it. Luckily, Dalek met many friends with poor families throughout his life and always visited them- most were good, but others, not as good. There was a group of older boys who bandited inside and outside the city because they were so poor most of them didn't have enough food. Dalek unfortunately joined them, not only because these boys seemed protective and a bit friendly, but also because his family's situation was going downhill. Dalek learnt about the stealth, the fights, and the cruelty of the world, at such a young age. His best friend's hand was cut off for stealing something that belonged to the Emperor of Namoria, and since that moment, Dalek left the bandit group at fourteen years old. This group brought sadness and desperation to Dalek, but it also provided him helpful skills and taught him great lessons for life. As he grew in his family's farm, each day he worked harder than the last, but it was hard. With the little money he earned, he bought steel and continued to blacksmith, becoming better over time. The boy indeed had a natural talent for smithing- one day, he sold a beautiful sword to a Namorian gentleman who owned a few properties inside of Estia. Dalek left the family's farm to go work with the gentleman and at the age of seventeen, he eventually established a blacksmith bussiness with him, which ended up being successful. Dalek was known as the "Red Eyed" blacksmith around Estia, since he suffered from a strange eye disease which made his conjunctiva's veins hot red. He was happy working in Estia, and enjoyed smithing very much. This all, until one cursed day in the life of Dalek Bermundo, when he visited his family's farm, he found a mess of blood and chaos caused by apparently a Primal Gryphon, which later on he nicknamed "Royard". The farm was completely destroyed, and a lot of his family members died swallowed by the monster, others were mauled to death, while a few of them survived with major injuries. Now, at eighteen years old, Dalek decided to track the monster by himself to end with it. He took his sword, shield and bow, put on his armour, and looked for it as hard as he could: Days and nights of long journals- journals where he met many people from several Namorian towns, and fought many monsters for coin. When he was twenty years old, Dalek found a group of stonemasons and bounty hunters settled in the middle of the wilds, a decent sized fort close to a village. After showing the men his skills, Dalek was invited and joined the group. These men taught Dalek many things about stonemasonry and beast hunting- as well as the importance of remaining humble, noble and serving to those who need help. He was enlightened. Upon his arrival to Estia, Dalek figured the terror Nathaniel was causing, and decided to recruit a group of brave warriors who headed off to the wilds, and founded an organization named the "Griffin Knights". This, partly in purpose to find "Royard" and to stay strong as a Knightly brotherhood despite what is going on in Namoria with the new emperor. This group would build a stable fort for their needs under the skillful lead of Ser Dalek Bermundo.
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    Update: The current world, atlas, and charter tile map are undergoing edits and will soon be reflected to match the new world. I will contact @Zoslore with the new updates to ensure the charter claim is correct.
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    Discord Account: Kenny#9560 Timezone & Availability: est 1hour out of every day What type of Lore are you more experienced in writing with: everything except monkey lore (serious) What type of Lore do you wish to write about for Zyria RP: anything Have you written or currently write for a community: yes alot Provide Lore pieces that you submitted to Zyria or have any previous work you're willing to show, link them here: i dont have any right now for link but can link in discord
  46. 1 point
    Naming Honorific / Title: Given Name: Family Name: Middle Name: Nickname / Alias: Profile Year of Birth: Circumstances of Birth: Year of Death: Circumstances of Death: Eyes: Hair: Height: Weight: Culture: Background: Mental Education: Employment: Accomplishments & Achievements: Failures & Embarrassments: Mental Trauma: Intellectual Characteristics: Morality & Philosophy: Sexuality: Taboos: Physical General Physical Condition: Conditions: Gender: Body Features: Facial Features: Identifying Features: Physical Quirks: Apparel & Accessories: Specialized: Character Prototype: Personal Moral Alignment: Motivation: Famous Quotes & Catchphrases: Savvies & Ineptitudes: Likes & Dislikes: Virtues & Perks: Vices & Flaws: Ticks & Quirks: Hygiene: Social Affiliated Organization: Place of Birth: Current Residence: Titles: Wealth: Contacts, Relations & Other Affiliation: Family Ties: Religious Views: Social Aptitude: Mannerisms: Pets & Hobbies: Speech:
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    Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 0.3.2 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added Merchant Item Tax System. * Added Merchant System. * Added Merchant Item Description. * Added Merchant NPC. * Added Merchant GUI. * Added More Hire/NPC Commands. * Added Melee Attack Speed on Item Description. * Added Precise Shot Ability on Longbows. * Added Investment Limit. * Added New Chat Messages. * Added Chat Action Cancel on wrong value input. * Added Stun Ability to Slingshot Weapon. * Refactored and redid the whole chat messages and chat messaging system. * Enchanced the NPC System. * Enchanced Weapon Attack Speed for all timed Weapons. * Increased Iron Mace Damage from 1 to 3. * Increased Stone Hammer Damage from 1 to 3. * Increased Stone Hammer Shield Bash from 50% to 60%. * Increased Iron Flail Chain Bash from 7 to 8. * Increased Iron Flail Iron Bash from 10 to 12. * Increased All Stone Hammer Armor Bash by 1. * Increased All Iron Mace Armor Bash by 1. * Increased Club Concussion from 35% to 40%. * Decreased Longbow max projectile damage from 17 to 16. * Decreased Dagger Durability from 14 to 12. * Decreased Dagger Backstab from 700% to 500% extra damage. * Updated All Timed Weapon's Attack Speed to be more precise and accurate. * Updated The Longbow lore. * Fixed Party Join not updating the color of Ally/Enemy. * Fixed Party Kick/Leave not resetting the color of Ally/Enemy. * Fixed Party Disbanding not resetting the color of Ally/Enemy.
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    Great progress on both the Lore and the World. We have exciting things to show by the end of this month!
  49. 1 point
    Armor breaking too quickly is an issue we have noticed and will look into ways to make it last a little longer. We may reduce some Armor Bash values as well as increasing durability on Leather and possibly Chain. The Halberd will have a look at again. We forgot about the shield bug so thank you for the reminded. Added to the todo list. How do you replicate the audio glitch? Odd, it shouldn't have. We'll look into this.
  50. 1 point
    Btw, also implemented a custom cooldown system. Took me an hour to figure out how to calculate and bind our custom cooldown system. Now we have full control over every aspect of the combat system.
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