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  1. Chef beta testing will be sometime this week! Join Discord for more info.

  2. Removed from team.
  3. Application is being reviewed. Your supporters are now able to post underneath to support your Charter. You require a minimum of 7 signatures.
  4. Application is being reviewed. Your supporters are now able to post underneath to support your Charter. You require a minimum of 7 signatures.
  5. WAR INFORMATION ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Note as of 3/7/18 - War claims will not be accepted nor reviewed while the launch event story line is active during the first two weeks of launch. Definitions Casus Belli: A justification for war against another War Objective: Your goals you wish to achieve to end war Vault: A plugin created by Zyria to track resources during war times Battle Pass: An item that is used to teleport to the battlefield, purchased through resources in the vault every battle round Battlefield: An instance where players are teleported to with a battle pass where the battle will happen Battle Round: Each week in real time is considered a battle round. A month would normally consist of 4 battle rounds Town: A city or settlement as classified by the charter rules Field Battle: A battlefield where players meet to battle in an open field Siege Battle: A battlefield where one side attempts to capture a city or settlement Warpath: The path a warring side takes, through tiles, to reach their war objective Attackers: The side who initiated war Defenders: The side who did not initiate war Allies: A third party who has an established alliance with those involved with the war claim Commander: One leader of entire group, above a General Generals: Characters who are chosen to lead armies PK Clause: An agreement that if your character dies, it is permanent Requirements for War If you're wondering if you can declare for war, follow the guidelines below: To announce a declaration of war against another town or nation, you too need to own a town or nation. Others will not be allowed to declare war. You must have a justification for war, also known as a Casus Belli that is relevant to the last 2 months. You may use multiple Casus Belli for justification of a war. A town may be allowed to declare war against other towns but may never be allowed to declare war against another nation. A town may be allowed to declare war against their own nation following the rebellion rules. Declaring for War The side(s) declaring war against another group(s) will be viewed as the Attackers side while the other side(s) will be viewed as the Defenders. The Attackers will need to submit a claim for war in our war claim sub-forum found here, which should be done in character and will be treated as such. This post must be well written, specifically state under which Casus Belli they act upon with evidence of such events backing their claim, and specifically state their war objectives. If there is insufficient roleplay or lack of causes for war, a Gamemaster will deny the claim and will ask the Attackers to resubmit a claim with new evidence. Once a claim has been accepted, the Defenders will have 3 days to respond to the claim in character laying out their war objectives while acknowledging the other side's claim. During this process, either side involved with the war claim will be allowed to contact the Gamemaster involved with any concerns or questions that arise. Casus Belli & War Objectives Casus Belli War Objectives Preparation Phase & Vault System Once the Defenders have laid out their war objectives, the preparation phase begins. This phase lasts for the remainder of the first battle round and ends when the second battle round begins, normally on a Monday. During this phase both sides can call to their Allies to aid their effort in the war. Any such involvement must be prompted by their leaders, responding to the claim in character specifically stating what side they are supporting. Allies will not be able to join the war once the preparation phase is over, however Allies will be able to back out of a war at any moment. Doing so will require another reply to the claim in character specifically stating their retreat from the war. Vassal's involved will not be required to reply to the claim, instead the Attackers and Defenders will provide a list of their subordinates involved. All towns involved with the war will be given a vault, a storage system for providing materials, weapons, food and coin for the war efforts. The vault system introduces a war upkeep cost tracked per soldier. Items are allowed to be deposited into a vault but will not be accessible from it until a Gamemaster withdraws the items in exchange for battle passes. Vault resources can be transferred to another vault on the same side by contacting the Gamemaster involved with the war claim. The resources will be transferred the following battle round and may still be captured during the current battle round. If a town was captured through battle, the vault's resource will be immediately transferred to the victor's vault. On the day of a battle, a general will be given an amount of battle passes equaling to the resources obtained from the vaults. These battle passes allows a player to teleport to the battlefield where combat will occur. Soldier Upkeep Cost: List of materials, weapons, food and coin required per soldier will be determined when an Economy establishes Commanding Phase Note: Skip this phase if the Casus Belli is a skirmish Once the preparation phase ends, and at the start of every new battle round, all sides will be given 2 days to send their marching commands to the Gamemaster handling their war claim. The Gamemaster will provide both sides with a weekly updated tile map showing each armies placement, war objectives, military front-line and their advancements from the previous battle round. The commander of each side will then have the option to advance their army moving forward, remaining stationary to fortify defenses, or retreat to leave a tile defenseless. An army may freely move through as many tiles as they wish so long as the tiles remain within their front-line, if moving through no-mans land or through enemy lines, the army may only move 1 tile at a time. A commander may want to split his primary army to create multiple armies, in doing so, each army will be allowed to split off so long as each army has a minimum of 30 unique players and must have a specified character as the general. If a minimum of 30 unique players do not show up on the day of battle for split armies, those armies will forfeit the battle. If only one army exists, it ignores the required minimum amount of players. On the battle round that an army splits off, the newly created army must remain stationary After the 2 day commanding phase, the Gamemaster will review the commands set forth from all sides. If the Gamemaster finds any errors or illegal moves, they will attempt to contact the commander and will have another day to resubmit new commands. The Gamemaster will decide the location and type of battle determined by clashing commands and will work with both commanders to find a suitable time and date for the battles to occur. Typically, these battles will occur near the end of a battle round, also known as the weekend. Battlefield At the date and time of the battle, the battle passes given to players will be activated and will teleport players to the battlefield where a timer will commence and combat shall begin. Field Battle Field battles occur when one or two armies push against each other in an area that doesn't contained a walled town. A skirmish will always be a field battle. Siege Battle Siege battles occur when one army front pushes against a garrisoned army in a walled town. If the attacker loses the battle, they may be able to attempt to siege again the following battle round and will be required to pay twice the soldier upkeep cost. Defensive Field Battle Defensive field battle occurs when one army pushes against a stationary army that doesn't contained a walled town. The army that remained stationary will be allowed to start in a small defensive camp provided by the staff team. Siege Intercept Battle Siege intercept battles occur when two armies push against each other while one army started in a walled town. If the army, pushing out of the walled town, intercepts the army besieging them and loses, they will not be allowed to move out of the walled town the following battle round and will be required to pay twice the soldier upkeep cost. Battlefield Victory Conditions Field, Defensive Field & Siege Intercept Battle Victory Conditions A victor is declared when one side wipes out the other. If the battle lasts until the end of the 1 hour time limit, the side with the most players still standing wins. Siege Battle Victory Conditions A victor is declared when one side wipes out the other. If the defenders still occupies the town at the end of the 1 hour time limit, the defender wins. Ending a War Once a war is over, neither side can declare war on the other for 4 weeks. If a peace treaty was signed and one side violates the treaty, the other side can submit a war claim within the 4 week period. Attackers Victory If the Attackers achieved all their war objectives listed in their war claim post, the war ends and the Attackers are seen as victorious. Any objectives that the Defenders achieved before the Attackers victory will remain as the Defenders. Treaty & Agreements Both sides can reach an agreement through roleplay that concludes the war. Any objectives achieved prior may be discussed through said treaties and agreements. The treaty or agreement must be posted publicly on the forums. Abandoned War If the Attackers have not won any battles in the last 3 battle rounds, they will abandon their war efforts. Any objectives that either side achieved before the Attackers loss will remain as so. Stalemate If either side have not made any front-line advancements in the last 3 battle rounds, the war will be seen as a stalemate and will end. Any objectives that either side achieved before the stalemate will remain as so. A stalemate will still occur regardless if there is a ceasefire negotiated by the warring sides. ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── WAR CLAIM APPLICATION Below you will find the template application for War Claims. The title of your thread should be the name of the war that you wish to be recorded. Follow the application and post your thread here: https://www.zyriarp.com/forum/69-war-claims/Name of your side: Name of defenders side you wish to attack: Casus Belli(s) used:What war objectives do you wish to claim: (If war objective is based on a town, specify which town per war objective.)IGN: Roleplay Post:If approved, during the preparation phase, allies may be able to join either side by replying below.
  6. Update: The current world, atlas, and charter tile map are undergoing edits and will soon be reflected to match the new world. I will contact @Zoslore with the new updates to ensure the charter claim is correct.
  7. IGN: King3antarCharacter Name: Nathaniel Eliab, Emperor VariusType of Property: Keep
  8. Hey everyone! The build team is currently in the midst of working on the capital city, Estia! With the server launch, we will be handing out temporary property at no cost to those who apply here. The property will be held by you for the duration of the launch event line, which should be around two weeks. This property could be any such as a simple home, a farm, a shop, a guild house, etc. All you need to do is post underneath like so and we'll make sure to try to accommodate all of you at launch: IGN: Character Name: Type of Property:
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