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  1. Minecraft IGN: Racewizard Discord Account: Racewizard#3871 Timezone & Availability: US Central any time 10am-7pm usually on weekdays and pretty much anywhere on weekends. What type of Build styles are you more experienced in working with: Medieval and Industrial stuff. I prefer a more classic stone&wood pallet than more obscure choices, e.g., lots of terracotta/wool for a castle wall that doesn't require it. What type of Builds do you wish to create for Zyria RP: I'm big on weird shapes. I'm typically a builder of polar extremes either being very round or jagged. I'd say two things I've been able to stand out in are my boats and roofs, again because of the weird shapes. I can make some pretty decent trees and a fair bit of terraforming too but mostly do just stylistic buildings. Have you built or currently build for a community: If my good hombre and comrade El3aab is having to put up with my application he may have not suppressed the memory of my time at Birthright Roleplay. Before and after that rather pleasant experience for me, I've been on and off doing shindigs at other servers who're pretty desperate for builders. This'd be the first macho project I've gotten my claws on since then. As for right now I only build for you bby <3. If you have any builds you have created for Zyria or have any previous work, such as a portfolio, you're willing to show, link them here: Everything with shaders is from 2017-2018 and the boat w/o shaders is more recent. I only put stuff down that was relevant to what I'd be doing here but I'm capable of greater things than what's shown. I haven't had the chance to do anything big for a long time. (edit: was excited about this project and wanted to make a house more fitting the style here, it's the vertical screenshot.)
  2. SurpriseI'm back.

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