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  1. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 0.5.3 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added Forester Profession. * Added Region System support for multiple worlds. * Added Global Time System instead of per-world. * Added New Player Rank System based on permission node and priority. * Added Block Persistence System takes account of the world now. So multiverse support! * Added Forest Region System. * Added Logs Regeneration System. * Added Custom Logs Generation System. * Added Forester Advancement. * Added Forester Slicing Advancement. * Added Forester Chopping Advancement. * Added Custom Axes(Used to chop logs). * Added Custom Saws(Used to slice logs. Slower than axes). * Added Woodcutting Task and Progression System. * Added Regenerative Logs. * Added Honey(The best sweet treat. Very valuable when used in cooking). * Added Sapling Drop from chopping wood. * Added Progression System for both Slicing and Chopping that allows you to get wood faster. * Added Logs Regeneration Command. * Added Logs Regeneration System when loading the server. * Added Command Manager and some more admin commands. * Improved Player Rank Nametag color. * Improved Item Drop from mining to be close to the player. * Improved Item Drops from crushing for miners. * Removed the delay for block reappearing when mining. * Changed Region Bypass to be persistent. * Fixed an exploit that let you move a soulbound item. * Fixed creating new region regenerates other regions.
  2. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 0.5.2 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added New Fishing Mechanism. * Added Fish Reeling System. * Added Fish Distance System. * Added Unique Fish Personality and Properties. * Added Fish Tugging System. * Added 30+ Fishes. * Added Custom Fish Bite System. * Added Realistic Fish Baiting System. * Added Custom Lure System(Baits and other environmental factor reduces time to get a bite) * Added Custom Fishing Rods. * Added Wooden Fishing Rod(harder to catch heavier fish) * Added Iron Fishing Rod(easier to catch heavier fish) * Added Fishing Drag System. * Added System to turn Fish into baits(specific fishes). * Added Coastal Fishes. * Added Deep Water Fishes. * Added River Fishes. * Added Lake Fishes. * Added Bait equivalent to all the fish biomes. * Added Fish Trapping Block. * Added Bait for Fish Trapping. * Added Saltwater Fish Traps. * Added Freshwater Fish Traps. * Added 4 trappable fishes. * Added Fish Trapping Cycle. * Added Profession Tasks for Fishing. * Added Custom Advancement for Fisherman Profession. * Added Fishing Progression System. * Added Red Snapper Fish. * Added Herring Fish. * Added Perch Fish. * Added Sardine Fish. * Added Mackerel Fish. * Added Anchovy Fish. * Added Albacore Fish. * Added Sea Bass Fish. * Added Pufferfish Fish. * Added Blue Marlin Fish. * Added Cod Fish. * Added Halibut Fish. * Added Tuna Fish. * Added Salmon Fish. * Added Catfish Fish. * Added Pike Fish. * Added Tigerfish Fish. * Added Guppy Fish. * Added Walleye Fish. * Added Trout Fish. * Added Carp Fish. * Added Largemouth Bass Fish. * Added Bluegill Fish. * Added Sturgeon Fish. * Added Minnow Fish. * Added Bullhead Fish. * Added Crappie Fish. * Added Snail Trap Fish. * Added Crab Trap Fish. * Added Lobster Trap Fish. * Added Shrimp Trap Fish. * Added Crawfish Trap Fish. * Added AutoComplete for the '/progress' command. * Added Mining Profession. * Added Mining Region System. * Added Mining Regeneration System. * Added Custom Ore Generation System. * Added Mining Advancement. * Added Miner Crushing Advancement. * Added Miner Excavating Advancement. * Added Custom Pickaxe(Used to excavate mines). * Added Custom Hammers(Used to crush mines. Slower than pickaxe). * Added Mining Task and Progression System. * Added Regenerative Ore. * Added Unrefined Stone(A stone that can be found whilst mining and can be inspected by stonemason). * Added Tier System on Unrefined Stone(The higher the star, the more rare it is and valuable). * Added Progression System for both Crushing and Excavating that allows you to get ores or unrefined stone faster. * Added Ore Regeneration Command. * Added Ore Regeneration System when loading the server. * Added Fishing Guide Messages. * Added Reel In Message when Distance is 0. * Added Freezing the fish moving when Distance is 0. * Added Fish Trap Time based on Profession Progression. * Changed Stone Hammer Weapon to Stone Club. * Changed Club Weapon to Wooden Club. * Removed Debug Messages. * Removed health scaling. * Improved AutoComplete for all commands as it matches partially. * Disabled pulling entities with fishing rod. * Fixed interaction with all the custom items and tools. * Fixed bug where picking fruits from trees with your scythe dropped the block instead of the fruit itself. * Fixed the Death Animation Glitch for the 3rd and possibly? the last time. * Fixed death client glitch. * Fixed Breaking Fruit Sapling only drops Oak Sapling instead of the Fruit Sapling for the specific fruit.
  3. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 0.5 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added Advancement GUI System. * Added Persistent Block Storage System. * Added Custom Crop System. * Added Custom Seed System. * Added Custom Block Data. * Added Profession System. * Added Crop Quality System. * Added Custom Item Drop System. * Added Vines System. * Added Grape Vines. * Added Tomato Vines. * Added Grapes. * Added Tomatoes. * Added Seasonal Crop System. * Added Custom Sapling System. * Added Apple Tree Sapling. * Added Orange Tree Sapling. * Added Banana Tree Sapling. * Added Orange. * Added Banana. * Added Water Farming System. * Added Rice Farm. * Added Rice. * Added Progression Tracker System. * Added '/progress [task]' command to track your progress of a current progress task on your exp and level bar. * Added FARMER HARVEST WHEAT Profession Goal. * Added FARMER HARVEST CARROT Profession Goal. * Added 50 other Profession Goals. * Added Profession Progression System. * Added Tool Wooden Scythe, Stone Scythe and Iron Scythe. * Added Scythe Interactability System. * Added Quality on Wheat. * Added Quality on Melon. * Added Quality on Pumpkin. * Added Quality on Carrot. * Added Quality on Potato. * Added Quality on Cocoa. * Added Custom Seed Drops when breaking Grass. * Added Sapling/Seed Drops when breaking Leaves. * Added Rice Seed Drop when breaking sea leaves. * Added Crop Harvest Permission where only Farmer can harvest advanced crops. * Added Anti Crop Trampling. * Added Kit/Package System where you can right click a profession kit to get the starting tools and gears. * Added Farmer Kit Item. * Changed and made Hoe uses Custom Durability. * Fixed bug when interacting with blocks with your feet. * Fixed death inventory not being cleared properly when user dies.
  4. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 0.4 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added Death System. * Added Inury System. * Added Revival System. * Added Bandage System. * Added Give Up System. * Added Death Loot System. * Added Sitting System. * Added Party Chat Channel. * Added Optimized Player Timers. * Added Player Freezing until they create/load the character. * Added Custom Item Lore/Description System. * Added Party Channel Icon on '/channel'. * Added '/partychat' command to switch to party chat channel. * Added '/ignore' command to ignore a OOC chat from the specific player(GOOC, WOOC, SOOC, PM, DM, etc) * Added '/lore' command to add Item Lore/Description. * Added '/roll' command to roll. * Added '/flip' command to flip a coin. * Added '/countdown' command to countdown seconds. * Added Support for 'all' when depositing on global bank. * Added NPC Name limited to 16 characters. * Added Bandage Item. * Added Shield Bash to Iron Great Sword. * Removed Knockback Ability from Iron Spear. * Added Knockback Ability to Bo'Staff. * Added Increased Range Ability to Bo'Staff. * Decreased Bo'Staff Durability from 500 to 8. * Increased Stone Hammer Shield Bash to from 60 to 70%. * Decreased Iron Spear Damage from 15 to 13. * Changed so that any NPC can hold items. * Fixed so that damage will always be minimum of 0.011. * Fixed bug where you would open two GUI at once causing the GUI to glitch. * Fixed wrong invite message format for party. * Fixed so that NPC cannot be moved by liquid. * Fixed so that soulbound items cannot be equipped by the NPC. * Fixed invalid amount for pouch deposit when you deposit all coins.
  5. Plugin is really making fast progress.

  6. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 0.3.3 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added Auction House System. * Added Auction House GUI. * Added Item Filter System. * Added Item Search System. * Added Long Term Time Tracking System. * Added Complex Item Storage System based on Pairs. * Rewrote the GUI system to support Dynamic GUI. Useful for Auction House pagination system. * Added Knockback Ability for Spear. * Removed Bo'Staff Knockback. * Removed Bo'Staff Increased Range Ability. * Increased Bo'Staff's Durability from 10 to 500. * Fixed Javelin not taking durability damage when thrown. * Fixed Javelin not showing the correct Damage lore.
  7. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 0.3.2 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added Merchant Item Tax System. * Added Merchant System. * Added Merchant Item Description. * Added Merchant NPC. * Added Merchant GUI. * Added More Hire/NPC Commands. * Added Melee Attack Speed on Item Description. * Added Precise Shot Ability on Longbows. * Added Investment Limit. * Added New Chat Messages. * Added Chat Action Cancel on wrong value input. * Added Stun Ability to Slingshot Weapon. * Refactored and redid the whole chat messages and chat messaging system. * Enchanced the NPC System. * Enchanced Weapon Attack Speed for all timed Weapons. * Increased Iron Mace Damage from 1 to 3. * Increased Stone Hammer Damage from 1 to 3. * Increased Stone Hammer Shield Bash from 50% to 60%. * Increased Iron Flail Chain Bash from 7 to 8. * Increased Iron Flail Iron Bash from 10 to 12. * Increased All Stone Hammer Armor Bash by 1. * Increased All Iron Mace Armor Bash by 1. * Increased Club Concussion from 35% to 40%. * Decreased Longbow max projectile damage from 17 to 16. * Decreased Dagger Durability from 14 to 12. * Decreased Dagger Backstab from 700% to 500% extra damage. * Updated All Timed Weapon's Attack Speed to be more precise and accurate. * Updated The Longbow lore. * Fixed Party Join not updating the color of Ally/Enemy. * Fixed Party Kick/Leave not resetting the color of Ally/Enemy. * Fixed Party Disbanding not resetting the color of Ally/Enemy.
  8. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 0.3.1 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Huge Bug Fix with Combat Abillity Calculation. Combat should be fixed now. * Added Huge Optimization by only generating custom items once. * Added New Data Loading/Saving System. * Added Ability to store ItemStack on the Data System. * Added Global Bank System. * Added Bank Vault System where you can store items. * Added Bank Vault Upgrade System to upgrade the storage capacity. * Added Investment System for Banks. * Added Interest System for Banks based on the investment. * Added Custom NPC System. * Added Ability to get all data including offline data. * Added Weapon Javelin which is a throwable ranged weapon. * Changed Weapon Spear to make it non-throwable but single-handed and can be used in an extended melee range. * Added 3 New Abilities(Leather Armor Bash, Chain Armor Bash and Iron Armor bash which reduces durability on specifc armor material) * Added Ability Armor Chain Bash and Armor Iron Bash to Iron Flail. * Added Ability Armor Chain Bash and Armor Leather Bash to Stone Hammer. * Added Ability Armor Chain Bash and Armor Leather Bash and Armor Iron Bash to Iron Mace. * Added NPC Hiring System. * Added NPC Hiring GUI. * Added NPC Salary System. * Added NPC Hiring Fee System. * Added Status on NPCs. * Added Global Bank GUI. * Added Loadout System is now Persistent. * Added Pouch GUI by right clicking Pouch. * Added Notification System(Whenever you get a notification message whilst you are offline, you are read the notification when you are back online). * Added Notification Message. * Added Offline Data System. Allowing us to load/save/edit offline data including Character Data, Region Data, etc. * Added Item Interactable System. (Some item allows interactivity when right clicking now) * Added NPC Trait LookClose which looks at the nearest player. * Added NPC Trait Speech which talks to the nearest player. * Added Check for when the character has spawned the first time. * Removed Weapon Pike. * Improved GUI Option Names/Descriptions. * Improved Health Scale is now calculated instantly instead of delay like previous. * Improved Item Lore/Description System. * Increased Iron Great Sword Attack Damage from 9 to 10. * Increased Long Bow Max Arrow Damage from 16 to 17. * Decreased Iron Flail Projectile Damage from 5 to 4. * Fixed a major bug where weapon lore/description were getting truncated. * Fixed the death glitch finally? * Fixed Coins now uses character first spawn check. * Fixed Trade Option not updating properly. * Fixed Pouch Coins not updating properly.
  9. Hiring System is done finally. Probably the largest class/system code wise we have done so far.
    Both GUI and Command Version.
  10. Global bank system is done!

  11. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 3.0 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added Economy System. * Added Trading System. * Added Currency System. * Added Status System (Text on top of their name). * Added Shared Inventory/Container System between players. * Added Selection System. * Added Trading GUI. * Added "Loading" Status when a player is loading in the server. * Added "Creating Character" Status when a player is in the middle of creating a character. * Added "In Menu" Status when a player is in the menu gui for Region, Party, etc. * Added "Trading" Status when a player is currently trading with another player. * Added Pouch Item. * Added Coin Item. * Added '/pouch' command. * Added '/trade' command. * Added starter item Pouch. * Added Custom Misc Item System. * Added Dragging Support for GUI and Container. * Added Shift-Click back to player inventory support for GUI and Container. * Made GUI to be more responsive. * Disabled Player Collision. * Fixed Party Nametag not showing for Allies/Enemies sometimes. * Fixed Status not resetting on various player conditions.
  12. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 2.2 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added /loadout command. * Added Character Settings GUI on /settings command. * Added Ability to switch roleplay name and username for nametag on Character Settings. * Reworked the custom name tag system. Much more performant and bug free and clientside only. * Fixed couple of bugs.
  13. Can you please show me a video of the first issue? I cannot seem to reproduce it. Thanks for the feedback like always!
  14. Hey guys! The Beta server has been updated to 2.1 alongside some changes and bug fixes. Check out what changed down below: * Added Core Changes to how combat system is handled with the addition of armor damage. * Added Detailed Party System. ("/party" for more info). * Added Party GUI System. * Added Custom Armor System. * Added Armor now uses custom durability system. * Added New Weapon Descriptions. * Added Two-Handed Weapon System. * Removed Iron Halberd Weapon. * Added New Weapon Iron Pike. * Added New Weapon Iron Lance. * Added Ability Lancer which increases your attack range while riding a horse. * Removed all default crafting recipes. * Performance has increased 1.5x times. * Spigot Server updated to the latest version. * Changed it so that Custom Item Data is now edited directly from the Item instead of copying it which fixes multiple issues. * Changed so that cooldown weapon does no damage until it's atleast 90% timed. * Changed Anti-Calvary now works on any horses. * Reworked Item Description System. * Changed Leather armor durability of Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots from 78, 114, 106, 92 to 166, 242, 226, 196 * Changed Chain armor durability of Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots from 166, 242, 226, 196 to 266, 342, 326, 296 * Changed Iron armor durability of Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots from 364, 530, 496, 430 to 364, 528, 496, 430 * Changed Iron armor is now much more slower. * Added Fire Arrow Ability. * Added Ability Fire Arrow to Shortbow with 25% chance. * Increased Shortbow Projectile Damage from 1-10 to 1-12. * Increased Longbow Max Projectile Damage from 10 to 16. * Removed Iron Flail's Projectile Knockback. * Decreased Iron Flail's Durability from 131 to 32. * Decreased Iron Flail's Armor Bash from 8 to 6. * Decreased Iron Flail's Projectile Damage from 6 to 5. * Added Ability Knockback to Slingshot. * Decreased Slingshot Exhaust chance from 90 to 80. * Decreased Iron Mace's Damage from 3 to 1. * Decreased Iron Mace's Durability from 131 to 42. * Decreased Iron Mace's Armor Bash from 6 to 5. * Decreased Stone Hammer's Damage from 4 to 1. * Increased Stone Hammer's Armor Bash from 2 to 3. * Decreased Stone Hammer's Shield Bash from 60 to 50. * Decreased Stone Hammer's Durability from 131 to 64. * Increased Iron Waraxe's Damage from 14 to 20. * Decreased Iron Waraxe's Shield Bash from 100 to 65. * Decreased Iron Waraxe's Stun from 35 to 15. * Removed Iron Waraxe's Knockback Ability. * Decreased Bo-Staff's durability from 16 to 10. * Increased Club's Damage from 3 to 4. * Decreased Club's Concussion chance from 40 to 35. * Increased Dagger's Backstab from 500% to 700% damage. * Increased Dagger's Damage from 2 to 3. * Decreased Dagger's Durability from 121 to 14. * Removed Dagger's 2 Block Range for Backstab. * Decreased Pitchfork's Damage from 3 to 1. * Increased Pitchfork's Durability from 80 to 500. * Removed Pitchfork's Knockback Ability. * Added Increased Range Ability for Pitchforks. * Improved Chat Messages especially with usernames. * Fixed being able to combine weapon/armor. * Fixed Shield Bug. * Fixed Glitchy Death Animation when you join. * Fixed Weapon Hit sometimes didn't register or damage got ignored. * Fixed Weapon Data sometimes gets transferred to a different item. * Fixed Durability of weaponand shield either lose faster or slower randomly. * Fixed some armor bugs. * Fixed couple of other minor bugs.
  15. I have fixed all the bugs for the next update which should come out sometime tomorrow. We will most likely be nerfing flails as well. @Ghazrial We have a custom armor system now which means we don't have to follow vanilla durability anymore. So we will definitely increase the armor's durability now especially for leather armor and reduce the speed when wearing iron armor. Also Iron Greatsword have the same range as halberd but have more damage as well as less cooldown. On the next update, weapons that are on the cooldown will only do 1 damage if not timed atleast 90% accurate.
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