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  1. Name of your building, settlement or City: Bermundo Fort Which land(s) do you wish to claim: R12What is the purpose of your Charter: The Griffin Knight's HeadquartersAre you dependent: NoAre you rebuilding land, relocating, or upgrading: NoCharter Tier: Settlement TierDo you require approval from an external figure?: NoIGN: AguilaDaddy
  2. Dalek Bermundo Naming Name: Armandus Dalek Bermundo Title: Griffins Knights Commander Nickname: Dal, Red Eyed, Deadly One Profile Age: 23 Eyes: Bloodshot light blue eyes Hair: Dark brown Height: 6'1 Culture: Namorian Background: Dalek Bermundo was born to a poor farmer family by the outskirts of Estia, the year 970 AW. His father was a blacksmith, and Dalek had fell in love with the forge work since he was young. His mother, a house maid who was quite under paid. The family rarely generated income, but they had a roof to sleep under and food to eat. Dalek's father, though, would only be able to smith farming tools, spears or pitchforks for the family as the steel was expensive for them at the time and they could not afford it. Luckily, Dalek met many friends with poor families throughout his life and always visited them- most were good, but others, not as good. There was a group of older boys who bandited inside and outside the city because they were so poor most of them didn't have enough food. Dalek unfortunately joined them, not only because these boys seemed protective and a bit friendly, but also because his family's situation was going downhill. Dalek learnt about the stealth, the fights, and the cruelty of the world, at such a young age. His best friend's hand was cut off for stealing something that belonged to the Emperor of Namoria, and since that moment, Dalek left the bandit group at fourteen years old. This group brought sadness and desperation to Dalek, but it also provided him helpful skills and taught him great lessons for life. As he grew in his family's farm, each day he worked harder than the last, but it was hard. With the little money he earned, he bought steel and continued to blacksmith, becoming better over time. The boy indeed had a natural talent for smithing- one day, he sold a beautiful sword to a Namorian gentleman who owned a few properties inside of Estia. Dalek left the family's farm to go work with the gentleman and at the age of seventeen, he eventually established a blacksmith bussiness with him, which ended up being successful. Dalek was known as the "Red Eyed" blacksmith around Estia, since he suffered from a strange eye disease which made his conjunctiva's veins hot red. He was happy working in Estia, and enjoyed smithing very much. This all, until one cursed day in the life of Dalek Bermundo, when he visited his family's farm, he found a mess of blood and chaos caused by apparently a Primal Gryphon, which later on he nicknamed "Royard". The farm was completely destroyed, and a lot of his family members died swallowed by the monster, others were mauled to death, while a few of them survived with major injuries. Now, at eighteen years old, Dalek decided to track the monster by himself to end with it. He took his sword, shield and bow, put on his armour, and looked for it as hard as he could: Days and nights of long journals- journals where he met many people from several Namorian towns, and fought many monsters for coin. When he was twenty years old, Dalek found a group of stonemasons and bounty hunters settled in the middle of the wilds, a decent sized fort close to a village. After showing the men his skills, Dalek was invited and joined the group. These men taught Dalek many things about stonemasonry and beast hunting- as well as the importance of remaining humble, noble and serving to those who need help. He was enlightened. Upon his arrival to Estia, Dalek figured the terror Nathaniel was causing, and decided to recruit a group of brave warriors who headed off to the wilds, and founded an organization named the "Griffin Knights". This, partly in purpose to find "Royard" and to stay strong as a Knightly brotherhood despite what is going on in Namoria with the new emperor. This group would build a stable fort for their needs under the skillful lead of Ser Dalek Bermundo.
  3. The Griffin Knigths Under the command of the blacksmith and stonemason Dalek Bermundo, the Griffin Knights rise their swords bravely in order to protect the people of Namoria with valor and might from the beasts and evil doers that roam our lands and threaten the innocent. What we do The Griffin Knights is an order of brave men and women united under the honorful title of Knights and Noble Protectors for Namorian people's safety and well-being. This guild mostly deals with inhumane creatures such as Griffins and other dangerous monsters that pose a threat upon civilization, or completing quests that grant coin or goods in return. The group's members are carefully choosen and invited for only the boldest, purest and most humble can form part of it. Residing by the Bermundo Fort in Namorian lands, the guild travels around forests, villages, settlements and cities to offer help, protection and care for those who need it. By all means, we seek but the most honest of men, capable of team working and brotherhood union. Command structure The Griffin Knights have no existing "Command Structure" and are only leaded by capable, natural leaders who have prooven to be worthy of directing and organizing the order with bravery and honour. One shall earn their reputation in the order gaining the trust of its members and fulfilling significtive tasks within the quests. The payment will be the same for every Knight. Upon each quest, coins will be received and split between everyone who helped. Knightly Oath A knight is sworn to Valor. His heart only knows Virtue. His blade Defends the helpless. His Might upholds the weak. His Words speak the Truth. His Wrath undoes the wicked. His Knowledge will defeat ignorance. His Skills will be taught to the willing. His Temper shall be held by patience. He will slay those who threaten our people. He will protect us from the evil. How to join In order for a man to join the order of the Griffin Knights, they must show both courage and humility in their doings. If someone seeks to join, the Griffin Knights will carry out an assembly and discuss about it. If the Griffin Knights thinks someone is worthy to join the order, they will invite them gladly. The initiation rite is very simple, a Knighting Ceremony will take place in the chapel of the Bermundo Fort to entitle the invited individual as a brand new member of the Griffin Knights order. A party will be held in the new member's name.
  4. IGN: AguilaTheBirbCharacter Name: Dalek BermundoType of Property: Tavern & Inn
  5. IGN: AguilaTheBirbCharacter Name: Dalek BermundoType of Property: Farm & Blacksmith by the outskirts of Estia for the Griffin Knights
  6. IGN: AguilaTheBirbCharacter Name: Dalek BermundoType of Property: Fort for the Griffin Knights
  7. Discord (So we can stay in contact if you or I have any questions): AguilaPapi#4410 Teaser Art Suggestion (Please be as detailed as possible): Young adventurers hiding from a wild Werewolf. The setting and environment is all up to you 😛 Other Comments: Very good art. I appreciate your offer as well!
  8. Probably some Northern with a great Mercenary Guild hidden deep within the snows. Maybe an old Hermit who spends time fishing, a man who has had a rough past. Perhaps a Soldier, keeping the law and the order. Who knows 🙂
  9. Minecraft IGN: AguilaDaddy/SrPatata89 Discord Account: AguilaPapi#4410 Timezone & Availability: México, Queretaro GMT-6. Available almost every day, and more time in weekends. What type of Lore are you more experienced in writing with: World, creatures, human related lore, magic, history, events. What type of Lore do you wish to write about for Zyria RP: All of the above if possible, and if something is requested to me, I'll try and do it. Have you written or currently write for a community: No, but I wish to. If you have any Lore pieces have you submitted to Zyria or have any previous work you're willing to show, link them here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SezMeenVA3FxgXWxer-eliWBV_Y6PjXsv1mXLwlo-Ps/edit?usp=sharing
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