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  1. Saradunan

    3 Word Game

    he was confused
  2. Why does Gilgamesh have massive hands?

  3. Do you guys not have phones -Blizzard Entertainment 

  4. Can we get an F in chat for the pike

  5. Congrats @Cxnflikt on the new roll
  6. Howdy, tis they boy Saradunan. Just wandering what characters everyone is planning to roleplay as when Zyria RP releases out of interest.
  7. I know I’m late to the party but: 1. Lore. 2. Thinking about making a character not named Saradunan, or act like him in general. 3. Systems and updates 4. Rping
  8. Lowkey getting flashbacks to BR

    1. 3antar


      Welcome back 😉

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