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  1. Kenshow


    I guess that's one way to stop excessive stealing and bandits to the point where it gets annoying instead of interesting rp The criminals/villains should be able to actually rp villainy in a way that's fun and engaging irp, not just stealing cause you want some free items off people.
  2. I think weapons and other items should go in a “broken” state when it reaches 0-1 durability instead of disappearing from inventory, so you can repair low durability weapons like dagger. Would kinda suck if u had to make tons of daggers and burn through them cause they only have like 8 durability imo You probably already had that planned for the blacksmith profession but just wanted to throw it out there
  3. Kenshow

    3antar's Hair

    very handsome
  4. I think pouches should be right-clickable too because at first I thought it was broken until I watched the devlog. I was confused when I right clicked the pouch and nothing happened. Would be great if there was a GUI for it. Like yeah, its easy to just type in /pouch deposit /pouch withdraw but still.
  5. can u make it so we can edit multiple times

    i edited once and now i cant edit anymore

    1. Ghazrial


      yeah idk why we cant edit posts after like ~5-10mins

    2. 3antar


      You can now edit whenever you want

  6. Im taking economy class next semester so maybe i can help then 😂 Will there be command shops where you don't rely on people to be there or will RP be necessary for purchases? Not everyone can be on at once, and over-reliance on other people can be a pain so maybe you can "hire" an NPC to operate your shop when you are gone? I think its better than going to a market with just signs and floating items everywhere. Adding actual player model NPCs to interact with could add to the immersion and is also more unique. Like, every server uses sign shops... And then youd have to pay the npc time to time for their work, whether it be weekly or monthly, or every time they sell something they take like a 15% percentage of your money. Sounds confusing and time consuming + laggy but just something to consider 👌 Methods to earn money? Selling your goods/services, quests, stealing, and cant think of amything else I think auction houses should be done by NPCs because its gonna be hard to get like 10 people just for a auction. I really want physical currency. You could mix physical and command currency together. I think that would be really nice. It would also be cool if you can use iron, gold, and other minerals as an alternate currency. It makes sense because back then they bought stuff using resources and money like coins Also have an actual name for coins, like "47 Aureus" or something. Not like "47 coins" cause that's lame
  7. The shield disappears if I use 1 handed weapon with a shield. It should just warn me, not delete the shield. The shield also disappears randomly, not sure why because I wasn't paying attention but it disappears when it's in my offhand even tho the durability was all the way high. Went through like 5 shields in 3 mins Lance texture is translucent/a bit see through Also, isn't 5 seconds a bit too long for a cooldown? especially if it only does 4 damage? I don't know much about lances but I know they are used by cavalry. Still, even if you went against another horse rider the lance wouldn't be much help The short bow doesn't make sense RP wise. Like why would it shoot fire? Could it be because it has some "magic" on it or the friction made it hot or something? Personally, I think you should find another offensive advantage for bow instead of fire. The fire is cool but it doesn't make sense. Fire could be something you add to a weapon by a magic user or something if there is light magic in Zyria
  8. All these changes and updates in such a short time, nice.
  9. More shield bug info The shield blocks damage, even when I'm not using it/right clicking. the game thinks I have it up, even though I don't. I know because they can't dmg me from the front but they can from the back, just like a shield. also if they use an armor bash weapon, it disables my shield, even though I didn't even have it up. If the bug happens, and I right click shield again, they are able to do damage to me again. Shield bug happens randomly but very often. not sure how to recreate it but it'll happen if you use shield time to time while fighting. Feedback Flail is too OP. 21 hits destroy about 70% of armor and do a good amount of heart damage. also, flail range isn't 3 blocks? as it says in the description. I assume you mean melee range but then where is the flail casting range? nobody melees with the flail I think the flail does too much knockback, it doesn't make sense. maybe tune it down a little. It's very hard to counter the flail because they can spam it and totally kill your armor while they can't even get a hit off you because you go flying backward. The flail was abused a ton during today's mini pvp session with a few people. Maybe a good solution is: Shield up = no flail knockback also, the flail cast looks like a regular fishing rod with a red bobber. can you make it a silvery texture so it looks right? ------------------------------ Waraxe doesn't do much damage. naked, it does 3.5 hearts. And fully armored, it does half a heart. Realistically speaking, if you were striked by a charged war axe in real life, you'd die in minimum 2 hits. Right now I think its 3 hits. Since you are going to make cooldown weapons do little to no damage unless its charged, I think you should buff it a little bit more. Wouldn't a waraxe do way more damage to a naked person than 3.5? (I just remembered that we have 2 rows of hearts, just hidden.) It gets confusing and misleading because it says 14 damage on the description but it looks like its barely doing anything. I know u guys wanted to avoid confusion as much as possible, and this can be confusing to someone who doesn't know we have 2 rows of hearts also, this will be fixed right? also, I think if you have this much armor on still, you should have more than 1 nugget of armor even though the durability is low. might help with the armor points going down super fast. If you get the armor low enough, you can still have your pants and chestplate on, but you have 0 armor points, which doesn't make that much sense.
  10. Is it sopposed to disable both shields?
  11. requires 2 players (maybe it will work on a animal idk) if you put a entity/player infront of a fence and you hold left click on the fence with the player very near the swing, itll completely spam the "swoosh" sound when you swing your weapon. Does that make sense? Maybe it'll work on other blocks but havent tested that
  12. I think the iron mace is still a lil too op. I didn’t even notice the changes and I still destroyed people with the mace. 1 battle = 80% of armor gone not sure if armor is meant to die that fast halberd was is also still strong. I can litterally win 1v1 with leather armor and a halberd against a iron armor. If its sopposed to be like that its fine but seems OP if we are going for a bit more realism, bo should do more dmg to non armored players because IRL its actually pretty lethal. Otherwise its fine also, bug report: shield still goes to negative durability also know a minor audio glitch but its hard to explain unless I demonstrate it
  13. perfect lol, i was just making a bug report 1. bug or no? (same with spear) 2. offhand and bow offhand, flail doesn't cast 3. the same with slingshot bla bla bla u can see aaaand i cant see
  14. Discord: you know Teaser art Suggestion: people bartering/trading items since that’ll be a big part of Zyria! Other: the snow one really caught my eye, looks good 👌
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