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  1. Minecraft IGN: KeatonUnbeaten Discord Account: fraserh#4462 Timezone & Availability: GMT; available for a few hours every day atleast, no job (yet) so only problem is school. What type of Lore are you more experienced in writing with: I am more experienced writing histories and stories, but generally I believe I can apply my skills with the English language anywhere. What type of Lore do you wish to write about for Zyria RP: I'd simply like to write, because I haven't found many good opportunities to recently anywhere. Have you written or currently write for a community: I used to write on Storium.com (interactive story telling website), though that was more just writing in general and less lore (apart from when I hosted games). If you have any Lore pieces have you submitted to Zyria or have any previous work you're willing to show, link them here: N/A.
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