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  1. The first of many teaser art illustrations have been completed! Feel free to save the image and send this beautiful eye candy to your friends!
  2. Hello everyone! I am very excited to share with you some illustrations/art I have completed in the past month or two. I started a couple of months ago and plan on continuing my work so I can share all of my creations with the community. The images that I have created so far have had no intended purpose except for to be pleasing to the eye... My wish is to create some fantastic scenes in order to help promote Zyria in every way possible. These scenes will be made to serve as teaser art, containing potential roleplaying scenarios that could occur within the world of Zyria. With that being said, here are examples of my previous work:
  3. This is just a little something to start rolling out some activity on the forums. Plain and simple, what are you looking forward to on Zyria Roleplay? What kinds of groups are you looking forward to seeing, or creating? Are you hoping to become young peasant boy/girl that starts their life from almost nothing, in their attempt to obtain riches and fame? Are you hoping to become a villain that harasses the hard-working class? Are you hoping to become a noble that can gain renown and reputation throughout the vast lands of Zyria? Let's hear it!
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