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  1. Discord Account: Weabonache#1971 Timezone & Availability: Weekdays: 3-9 PM Weekends: 9AM-9PM What type of Lore are you more experienced in writing with: political, short stores, mock journals, 'scientific/mechanical' ect. What type of Lore do you wish to write about for Zyria RP: I will write any lore, though I hear bestiary lore is in high demand at the moment. Have you written or currently write for a community: I have written sparse political posts for communities and I have also done quite a bit of creative writing for irl programs, though I would rather not share those in order to protect my irl identity (lol) Provide Lore pieces that you submitted to Zyria or have any previous work you're willing to show, link them here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j6vg9Gi5PlphBr64Sku06BEbGKTK7noi9hzCBcZ3KNE/edit?usp=sharing

    Life marches on hither unto dawn

    Buttressed by ardor, vitality bears fruit and brawn

    Verse unerred though weakened upon Gloaming’s call

    By muted bustle fiend marks those to fall

    Come morning crow man is termed as bygone

    Little Poetry piece i write about death last night, pretty cool but the allusions can be confusing.

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