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  1. Tubsi


    Typically this included picking locks and various other plugins, it all depends on what is made
  2. IGN: Tubsi Character Name: Bellasarius Encore Type of Property: House
  3. In BirthRight you had to apply to get more access to crime plugins. I liked this system as it showed that people had the ability to properly roleplay criminals and rewarded them with more abilities and systems. This worked well and people could still commit crime (within the ruels of the server) without applying for this but people who applied simply had more systems to use. What are people's thoughts on this?
  4. I know this is very late but: In BirthRight I really enjoyed the bank system where you could apply to rob the bank and have heists. This system worked very well and added some more interest to banks.
  5. Tubsi

    Counting Game

    Let's play the counting up game! This is a trust based game where you must put the number after the comment before, in theory we should continue counting up however if anyone purposefully or accidentally writes the wrong number we must start from one again. I'll start: 1
  6. Tubsi

    3 Word Game

    Let's play the 3 Word Game! We have to collectively make a story using 3 words, your post has to mostly make sense according the the before story and especially the 3 words beforehand, remember to use connectives and fullstops when required. To begin: One day Nathan
  7. Discord (So we can stay in contact if you or I have any questions): I'm on the zyria discord server under Tobi Teaser Art Suggestion (Please be as detailed as possible): A seige event from the perspective of an archer on the wall. Other Comments: This is great, I love it!
  8. I plan on making a rough and tough blacksmith that loves the forge and is at home deep in the mine. He is blind in one eye due to an accident in the forge. I plan to add more information on this character soon,
  9. I'm looking forward to: 1. Getting into playing MC again and roleplaying again 2. The lore really interests me 3. Creating and getting into a character is very fun 4. The plugins are very fun and interesting
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