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  1. Discord Account: a a ron #0779 Timezone & Availability: I'm from California so PST. I'm almost always available. What type of Lore are you more experienced in writing with: I'm most experienced with creature lore but I can whip up nice culture and religion lore. Any kind of lore I have experience with but my expertise lies with creatures/spirits and such. What type of Lore do you wish to write about for Zyria RP: I would like to write everything above. Have you written or currently write for a community: Yes, I am Lore Team on Lanthyr RP. Provide Lore pieces that you submitted to Zyria or have any previous work you're willing to show, link them here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oCDXxbNpR-61_SHIEcL5yjQnXaP6b-uyw97FTPJaqmg/edit?usp=sharing For those of you who know Aguila, I am a close friend of his and gave him the format above if the formatting looks familiar :P.
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