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Community Meeting Recap

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Community Meeting Recap

If you were unable to make it to yesterdays community meeting this update will get you up to speed on upcoming things to participate in, and look out for.

The meeting started out with the discussion of the Skin Maker project which can be found here on our forums:
https://www.zyriarp.com/topic/43-zyria-skin-maker/ . To get more people involved with the skin maker we will eventually release information about the benefits/perks you can gain from submitting X amount of assets, and having assets accepted to go into the eventual launcher once it is developed. Keep in mind assets that contain any nsfw content will be removed, as well as any assets that are not yours to post. Posting of such will result in warnings on the forums and removal of your ability to participate in the project if severe enough.

Our next topic was about our forums. After a brief discussion it became clear that the majority of people attending the community meeting had either not registered, or even knew about our forums. This was a little surprising to hear during the meeting, though makes sense due to how little we promote the forums until only a week or so ago. To combat this we have already started making more devlog updates, plan’s to host future contests on the forums, and a few more to be touched up on later in the week. Apply today! https://www.zyriarp.com/

Moving on from this was an excellent segue into discussion of our next community contest. We discussed mostly 3 ideas until we managed to merge all 3 ideas into 1 contest that would allow anyone to participate. This contest will start later in the week after I post the official announcement for it that will go more in depth about the limitations, rules, and general information. For now though feel free to form any ideas, and groups to prepare for the announcement of the Dungeon Contest.

Afterwards were the discussions on activity, and a community server for players to hang out on that didn’t pertain to any Zyria lore. The server would be vanilla survival with plugins yet to be decided on, and a creative world. This is a big decision and there would need to be considerable support behind it before I were to set it up since I will be paying out of pocket for it. Launching the community “hangout” server would allow us to begin looking for members for the event team as well, so think about if you're interested in it or not.

This should get you caught up in the discussion, and what to look out for heading into the future, though make sure to keep your eye out for future updates, and community meetings.

Thank you for reading

Tl;dr: Read it  

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Great meeting! Thank you Fuze for hosting it, definitely took the responsibility off my hand 😂

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