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DamnDaniel (Aguila)

⚔ The Griffin Knights ⚔

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The Griffin Knigths


Under the command of the blacksmith and stonemason Dalek Bermundo, the Griffin Knights rise their swords bravely in order to protect the people of Namoria with valor and might from the beasts and evil doers that roam our lands and threaten the innocent.


What we do

The Griffin Knights is an order of brave men and women united under the honorful title of Knights and Noble Protectors for Namorian people's safety and well-being. This guild mostly deals with inhumane creatures such as Griffins and other dangerous monsters that pose a threat upon civilization, or completing quests that  grant coin or goods in return. The group's members are carefully choosen and invited for only the boldest, purest and most humble can form part of it. Residing by the Bermundo Fort in Namorian lands, the guild travels around forests, villages, settlements and cities to offer help, protection and care for those who need it.

By all means, we seek but the most honest of men, capable of team working and brotherhood union.

Command structure

The Griffin Knights have no existing "Command Structure" and are only leaded by capable, natural leaders who have prooven to be worthy of directing and organizing the order with bravery and honour. One shall earn their reputation in the order gaining the trust of its members and fulfilling significtive tasks within the quests. The payment will be the same for every Knight. Upon each quest, coins will be received and split between everyone who helped.

Knightly Oath

A knight is sworn to Valor.
His heart only knows Virtue.
His blade Defends the helpless.
His Might upholds the weak.
His Words speak the Truth.
His Wrath undoes the wicked.
His Knowledge will defeat ignorance.
His Skills will be taught to the willing.
His Temper shall be held by patience.
He will slay those who threaten our people.
He will protect us from the evil.

How to join

In order for a man to join the order of the Griffin Knights, they must show both courage and humility in their doings. If someone seeks to join, the Griffin Knights will carry out an assembly and discuss about it. If the Griffin Knights thinks someone is worthy to join the order, they will invite them gladly. The initiation rite is very simple, a Knighting Ceremony will take place in the chapel of the Bermundo Fort to entitle the invited individual as a brand new member of the Griffin Knights order. A party will be held in the new member's name.



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